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Design, technical assistance, and execution of works for the investment objective: TYPE1 sports base construction

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Project details

Location: Multiple
Start year: 2021
Category: Socio-cultural buildings


Through the actions of the Romanian Government, together with competent institutions in the field, as well as with local authorities, programs aimed at developing and modernizing the sports infrastructure segment will be financed, respectively analysing and identifying the necessary solutions for sports facilities, drawing up a design theme which will be the basis for the preparation of pilot projects for such, resulting in the need to build 250 sports bases, totalling a number of 400 sports fields. The effective construction of these investment objectives will be done by ensuring a uniform disposition at national level, thus ensuring the access of as many beneficiaries from different areas of the country, the homogeneous disposition of these sports bases ensuring a balance in strategic development of sports infrastructure in Romania. The locations targeted for achieving these investment objectives are identified by the actions undertaken in this regard by the Romanian Government together with competent institutions in the field as well as with local authorities, whose collaboration will result in the possibility of making all land information available to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration. The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration will achieve these objectives through the National Investment Company, within the funds approved for this purpose and under the conditions of ensuring by the beneficiaries of locations that correspond to the rigors imposed by the legal norms on eligibility and GEO 25/2001 which regulates the activity of CNI SA.
The concept refers to the design of sports facilities in various locations nationwide.
The sports base will include a football field, multifunctional field for handball, basketball, volleyball and tennis, locker room building, gatehouse, parking, pedestrian alleys, green spaces
The football field has the following dimensions for the useful surface: 75.50 x 117.00m and those of the useful playing surface 68.00 x 105.00m. The perimeter protection area has a width of 3.00 m on the long sides and 6.00 m on the short sides. The multifunctional field has the dimensions of the useful evolution surface 26.00 x 44.00 m and those of the useful play surface 20.00 x 40.00 m. The perimeter protection area has a width of 2.00 m. The locker room building will be ground floor + 1 partial floor and will have the dimensions of 10.80 x 36.30 m, with an attic height of 7.05 m. The built surface of the building will be 395.88sqm, the developed one will be 520.96sqm. The building will have locker rooms, bathrooms for athletes, rooms for referees, technical room, medical office, office, warehouses for sports equipment, bathrooms for spectators, stairs, halls, room for parents/protocol/VIP.
After the completion of the project, the costs for maintenance and operation in optimal parameters will be borne from own sources by the local Territorial Administrative Unit.