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Areas of activity

The main activity of CONSTRUCTIM® is carried out through the assembling and construction sites, located in the country and abroad. Another important activity of the company is the industrial production of building materials and of aggregates of ballast.

Since its establishment and until now, it has carried out various works such as: social-cultural, hotel, housing, industrial, agricultural, airports, roads and platforms, water pipelines, thermal, electrical installations at the highest quality level and at contracted terms.


CONSTRUCTIM® performs civil and industrial construction-assembly works, social-cultural works, construction, sanitation, repair, modernization, interior design, restoration of historical monuments, both at home and abroad.


CONSTRUCTIM ® has production facilities in Timisoara and Buziaș, namely concrete stations, a bolt factory and a BAMA installation for the manufacture of concrete pipes required for sewerage..
Here, we manufacture and sell:
• fresh concrete, different classes: C2.8/3.5, C4/5, C6/7.S, CS/10, C12/1S, C16/2Q, C18/22,5, C20/25, C25/30
• fresh mortars and slabs: M4, M100
• arch bricks (brick replacements) made with modern technology (imported from France), with sizes 10x20x50 cm, 20x20x50 cm, 25x20x50 cm;
• concrete pipes with plug and lip for drainage diameters of 250, 300, 400, 800 mm.
DCONSTRUCTIM ® also has gravel pits on the Timiș River for the extraction, washing and sorting of mineral aggregates in Lugoj, Buziaș-Hitiaș. Aggregates sorted and washed are produced and sold in these gravel pits: sort 0-3, 3-7, 7-15 mm, raw ballast, sieve refuse.

Other services

• rental of equipment for construction activities.
• design in construction, real estate transactions, real estate development