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Involvement in city life

Constructim SA, as an organization, and through its patronage and employees, is actively involved in the life of the city and its memory, based on which it started, with own financial and human resources, restoration works of the monument "In memoriam December 1989", located in the vicinity of Banat Museum.
The company, together with Timisoara City Hall, has been maintaining some of the monuments in the city.

Involvement in education

Through the 360° Foundation, which CONSTRUCTIM sponsors, we have supported, together with the National Museum of Banat and Timiș County Council, an ecological and creative educational project, "A Different Fir Forest”, which involved a large number of children from gymnasiums and high schools, from the Children's Palace in Timisoara as well as the Design students of the Faculty of Arts of the Western University of Timisoara.
The young "creators" have set their imagination in motion, without limits of expression, in order to "create, grow and adorn", a magical forest illuminated by joy and smiles, the idea being that students recycle whatever is possible to recycle. The urban forest can be admired in the courtyard of the Theresia Bastion in Timisoara (Photo source www.stiripentrucopii.com)

Involvement in culture

The "Banatul" Philharmonic, organizer of the symphonic concert on November 29 had the support of SC CONSTRUCTIM SA, part of the company's active involvement in cultural life in Timisoara.

Involvement in art

Constructim S.A supports the "Logics and shapes (sculpture studio)" project organized by the Historical Society and Archeology of Banat. The project brings together six outstanding artists with Ph.D.s, masters and bachelors of arts visuals that will transform 12 tons of andesite, steel and metal into contemporary, living art.