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Project details

Beneficiary: Emiliana West Rom SRL
Location: Teremia Mică
Starting year: 2020
Category: Agricultural zootechnical buildings


The investment aims at rehabilitation and modernization works for degraded constructions which will be part of a zootechnical farm built according to the current standards in compliance with all the technological and environmental requirements. The rehabilitation/replacement of all the framings and coatings for the stables hosting the animals, some of them with inner compartment separations.
Damaged masonry disassembly and re-assembly works are included, as well as the building of reinforced concrete straps, the lay-out of longitudinal wedges of zinced metallic profiles, the assembly of bracket type metallic elements for the take-over of the roof from the eaves area, the building of the coating from sandwich thermal insulating metallic panels and the rebuilding of the exterior and interior masonry and painting. The man access doors to the stables will also be replaced.
Works will be performed for the 0.4kVȘ electrical installations - the basic electrical power supply, electric panels, cables lay-out systems, light-technical installations, uptake and power installations, grounding installations, lightening arrester installations, power surges protection installations, equipotential binding installations.
The pedestrians’ and the vehicles’ access will occur through the repair of the roads and the platforms from the premises by concreting.

Construction site videos