Unirii Square no.3, Timișoara


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Project details

Beneficiary: Aquatim Timisoara
Location: Timișoara
Starting year: 2020
Category: Social and cultural buildings


The investment objective proposes the development of the city's cultural activities and the enhancement of historical objectives that mark the development of the city by creating a museum complex composed of a newly built access pavilion, intended to receive and inform visitors, interior museum spaces in existing buildings and exterior spaces for the museum. The building complex is part of the "Urseni Plant" which was built between 1911 and 1912 and put into use two years later. The main building, "The flying saucer" as it is known among the people of Timisoara, a monument of industrial architecture, was built by the famous architect László Székely and housed the drilling system. Another building was used to filter drinking water, and the third building housed the pumps used to distribute the water to the city network.
The industrial interior spaces, related to the 3 existing buildings on the site ("Fountain Group no. 1", "Prefilter Station", "Pumping Station") will be refurbished and transformed into museum spaces, by highlighting the equipment and technological existing water treatment facilities in each building.
The space delimited by the buildings “Fountain Group no. 1”, “Prefilter Station”, ”Pumping Station” and the proposed space, will constitute the exterior museum space, being composed of a network of pedestrian alleys, which connect both the new pavilion proposed by the existing buildings and a number of areas of interest at the site. These points of interest consist of areas with static or interactive decorative water basins, pedestrian platforms adjacent to the three existing buildings and areas with platforms for outdoor exhibits.
The works on these spaces are minimally invasive and will not affect the existing water treatment machinery and installations

Construction site videos