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North Railway Station - Timișoara

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Project details

Beneficiary: National Railway Company "CFR SA" - Regional Branch CF Timisoara a
Location: Timișoara
Start year: December 2022
Category: Socio-cultural buildings


Timisoara North Railway Station was built in 1897, being one of the most beautiful buildings in the city, but it was bombed and destroyed during the Second World War
In 1857, the first railway line was opened, connecting Timişoara with Szeged through Jlmbolia, the first station being a modest construction. After the construction of the new station, the former station building became a warehouse
The project of the Timişoara North Railway Station, until the Second World War, also called ”Gara Mare” (the Big Station), was designed by the architect Pfaff Ferenc (1851-1913) who also designed the stations in Szeged, Pecs, Miskolc, Debrecen, Rijeka, Zagreb, Bratislava, Kosice, Varset, Cluj Napoca, Arad and Jimbolia. The architectural style of the former building was neoclassical with modern facilities for those times, being very similar to the station building in Arad. In 1919, the station was renamed Domința Elena station, a name it kept until the end of the Second World War. The station was heavily bombed by Allied aircraft during World War II, especially on July 3, 1944. On the night of October 30-31, 1944, it was also bombed by German aircraft. After the end of the war, Timişoara North railway station was partially rebuilt according to the initial plans, but in the period between 1971 - 1974 the buildings were modified and brought to their present form, with the radically changed architectural style. In 1976, it was inaugurated and put into operation in its current form.
The current building of the North Station comprises 5 buildings combined in an ensemble consisting of office buildings with GF + F + 3F, service building and offices with GF + F + 5F; ticket offices building with GF + F + 1F, office building with GF + F + 3F, office building with GF + 2F, technical building with GF + 2F.
At the moment, the Timişoara North Station building has structural, aesthetic, functional and safety deficiencies in operation. The present project proposes the elimination of these deficiencies by:

  • Strengthening of structural elements
  • Interventions on the facades of the North Station
  • Interventions on the roof terraces of the North Station as a whole
  • Interventions on the pedestrian access tunnel to the platforms
  • Constructing a new access in the ticket office building
  • Interventions on platform 1.
  • Restoration of the station square and the access to the platforms of the Resita lines
  • Line platforms
  • Air conditioning and heating installation
  • Installation for the production of electricity using photovoltaic panels

By carrying out the works, the aesthetic value of the Timişoara North Station building will be raised, bringing the ensemble back among the city’s architectural landmarks.
The aim is to also reduce the expenses regarding the buildings’ operation, to make the building more efficient and to comply with the requirements of the European legislation regarding energy efficiency and the reduction of noxious emissions.
The investment in achieving the proposed objective also leads to the inclusion in European requirements of the facilities of people for modern railway transport and highlights this area of the city

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