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Project details

Beneficiary: Mănăstirea Commune, Călărași County
Location: Mănăstirea Commune, Călărași County
Starting year: 2019
Category: Historical monument buildings


For the development of the Church ”Holy Martyr Dimitrie”(category A historical monument) restoration works are being carried out:
- consolidation, restoration and preservation of the main body of the church, restoration and preservation of the interior fresco and of the artistic wooden components, restoration of the electrical, sanitary installations and creation of an adequate heating system, realization of an architectural and environmental lighting system to enhance the monument and the restoration of the lightning system.
- outside there is a system for taking and removing rainwater from the walls of the church.
- construction of a semi-buried annex body to take over the functions of the technical room for the central heating unit, sanitary groups, including for persons with disabilities. This secondary body attached to the fence from the south of the property will be articulated with a lapidary and a semi-open chandler that will take on volumetric and language elements from the main body.
- the landscaping of the church premises will be carried out, by the introduction of stone paved alleys, waste management areas, a water point (fountain), arrangement with benches.
- the fencing will be restored in the masonry and will be finished with traditional lime-sand plastering.
- a new access with gates will be made in a language similar to that of the vintage hardware.