Unirii Square no.3, Timișoara


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Project details

Beneficiary: R-PIAZZA ROSA S.R.L.
Location: Sânnicolau Mare, Timiș County
Starting year: 2015
Category: Industrial buildings


Industrial hall with partial floor, office area, service apartment with an area of 1496.50 sqm, made on isolated foundations of reinforced concrete, with a reinforced concrete base whose foundation is at -0.30 m above the level ± 0.00

The component elements of the load bearing structure of the objective are hot rolled profiles of economical Europrofile type, with structural pillars of profiles HEA 450 and HEA 240, beams of IPE 500 profiles rigidly fixed to poles, rectangular pipes and profiles formed in cold type Z, C, with a spatial structure composed of transverse frames and longitudinal frames, transversal frames with a 24 m opening with pillars embedded in the foundations and beams rigidly attached to them.

On the 24 m opening, the structure was prepared for 2 bridges rated for 5-tonnes and 10+5 tons respectively. The enclosures and the roof are made with access panels with sectional doors, skylights on the roof, concrete floors washed with quartz in the production and storage areas and wall tiles and heated floors in the offices and apartment areas.