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Construction of Student Dormitories – extension to the existing ICER building

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Project details

Beneficiary: National Investment Company/Politehnica University Timisoara
Location: Str. Gavril Musicescu nr. 138, Timișoara
Start year: 2021
Category: Social and cultural buildings


The investment falls within the provisions of Government Program 2017-2020, according to the Parliament Decision no. 53/2017 for granting the confidence of the Government, l Annex no.2 - Policies in the field of education, Measure 11 -"Increasing participation in university education, while improving its quality and relevance", including the consolidation of the material base, the construction of new student dormitories and the rehabilitation/modernization or construction of student canteens through the sub-program "State higher education institutions". The entity responsible for the project is the National Investment Company - "C.N.I." S.A
Politehnica University Timisoara currently operates with 10 faculties totalling 12430 students at all cycles of education, of which 5972 students accommodated in the current spaces. Taking into account the large number of students accommodated, it is opportune and necessary to build this objective, because at present the existing spaces are excessively occupied, within the limits of the rules provided by the legislation in force. Positive effects predicted by the achievement of the investment object: increasing the number of students attracted to the faculties of the Politehnica University Timisoara, increasing the quality of temporary accommodation services, increasing the number of Romanian and foreign students and especially cross-border students, improving the image of Politehnica University Timisoara
The land on which the investment will be located has an area of 11109 sqm, of which 4567 sqm will be used for the construction of accommodation spaces for students.
The proposed building will consist of 4 sections, the main bodies being longitudinally oriented NW-SE and the circulation corridor for all 3 levels, oriented East-West, bodies united by a horizontal circulation corridor, with the main access from the ground floor area of the first section using the resistance system with pillars and reinforced concrete beams with continuous beam type foundations, located on foundation flanges. The new construction will be made of reinforced concrete frames. The exterior enclosures as well as the interior partitions will be made of ceramic masonry blocks. Aluminium joinery closures with insulating glass are provided for doors and windows. The proposed coverage will be of circulating terrace type, over the 2nd floor plate of the T1-T4 sections, accessible to the public, where the necessary layers will be provided also for maintenance activities.
For both interior and exterior finishes, high quality criteria will be taken into account for the best resistance and a pleasant appearance. For the facade, decorative plasters in pastel colours of different shades will be used. Thermal insulation of the exterior walls will be made with a layer of mineral lacquer and polystyrene thermal insulation extruded on the entire outer contour of the building along the entire height of the basement, according to the regulations in force. Aluminium joinery is suggested, with controlled natural air circulation slots between the outside and the occupied spaces (in order to avoid the production of condensation around the windows and other areas with low resistance), with treated low-e insulating glass on the outside.
Finishing elements include laminate flooring, heavy-duty carpeting, tiles and floor tiles, washable paints.
Students will be accommodated in rooms for two, equipped with bathroom, furniture and balcony on the entire width of the room, for a total of 256 people and will include 123 accommodation units with normal regime and 5 accommodation units for people with disabilities.
The surface of an accommodation unit varies between 22.00sqm and 28.00sqm. The kitchenette and the integrated sanitary groups as well as the facilities brought to each room increase the level of comfort, for a better stay of students or teachers.
The common functions shall be covered, with surfaces permissible for the performance of complementary activities. At the same time, in the ground floor area of the building, a co-working space with a capacity of about 45 people was provided.
The GF + 2F dormitory has the following functional composition on each level: - accommodation rooms with bathrooms and balconies throughout the room, reading room, dining room with kitchenette, laundry, drying room, technical spaces, elevators for students and people with disabilities.
The utilities will include water supply from the existing network in the area, sewerage in the existing network, own heating system, air conditioning.
Pedestrian walkways, parking places for bicycles will be arranged, according to the legislation and regulations in force