Unirii Square no.3, Timișoara

Emanuil Ungureanu Technical College

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Project details

Beneficiary: Emanuil Ungureanu Technical College
Location: Timisoara, Huniade Square no.3
Start year: 2021
Category: Socio-cultural buildings


The building in Piata Huniade no. 3 is an architectural monument and has special architectural features. It is classified in the List of Historical Monuments-2010 pos. 65 Code TM-II-a-B-06100. The building was erected by the Timisoara entrepreneur Eduard Reiter, based on the plans of the architect Albert Vigh, on the site of the former walls and bastions of the fortress near the Huniade castle. It was built as a necessity due to the increase in the number of children who wanted to attend the School of Arts and Crafts opened in 1879. Thus, in 1899, the construction of this new building began, which housed a school of arts and crafts, and would be completed the following year.
The building, the current “Emanoil Ungureanu” Technical College, has a facade made in classical style and an entrance marked by three arches. As the ground floor stands out through the bosses made on the masonry, the two floors are decorated with pilasters finished in Corinthian chapiters. Inside, large and bright spaces have been arranged, in addition to the classrooms, the necessary workshops and many other annexes have been provided. In the festive hall of the College, the painter Ştefan Szönyi made a monumental fresco in the festive hall, 15 meters long and four meters wide, which was restored in the 1980s by the painter V. Ţigu.
The current project envisages a structural, thermal, and interior finishing rehabilitation: rehabilitation of the load bearing structure and the roof; thermal rehabilitation, by thermal insulation of the floor and above the last level, including the attic, as well as by changing/refurbishing the exterior carpentry, in compliance with the requirements imposed by the rules in force for the building located in a protection area; repurposing interior spaces; replacement and/or refurbishment of existing interior and exterior carpentry; rehabilitation and modernization of electrical and lighting installations; rehabilitation and modernization of sanitary, thermal, fire extinguishing installations; installing air cooling system; replacement of finishes in accordance with current requirements; creation of an access control system, in compliance with the provisions of Law 4/2008; the necessary endowments for the building; repurposing spaces, including the necessary facilities; repairs and replacement of wooden elements are proposed for the existing frame, depending on the degree of deterioration, keeping the geometry, proportions and dimensions of the old frame; the existing tile and folded sheet metal roof is suggested to be replaced; restoration of the basement plate with all necessary layers; in section B, reinforcing the walls is suggested by lining them with reinforced concrete forming three cores and also achieving a compartmentalization of the spaces with a reinforced concrete diaphragm and masonry.

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