Unirii Square no.3, Timișoara

Expansion and modernization of the Dr. V. Babeș Hospital for Infectious Diseases and Pulmonology and Phthisiology of Timișoara

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Project details

Beneficiary: Timisoara Municipality - V. Babeș Hospital for Infectious Diseases and Pulmonology and Phthisiology of Timișoara
Location: str. Gheorghe Adam, nr.13, Timisoara
Start year: 2020
Category: Socio-cultural buildings


Tbuildings at the Dr. V. Babeș Hospital for Infectious Diseases and Pneumoftiziology and Phtisiology of Timișoara, stage I - expansion of the respiratory medical recovery unit” will be carried out according to the contract and as it is required in the Specifications.
TThe works will include:
- rehabilitation of the existing building (C2) by carrying out plaster restoration works, exterior restoration works, carpentry repair, roof repair, interior re-compartmentalization, arrangement of new medical offices, bathrooms.
- construction of 2 main buildings (A and B), articulated by connecting bodies with the existing construction. These 2 buildings will house: medical offices, patient rooms, recovery rooms, conference room, bathrooms, technical areas, halls, areas with specific medical destinations.
FrThe expansion will be made on a reinforced concrete structure with exterior enclosures made with 25 cm ACC walls, over which a mineral wool thermal system will be applied. The compartments will be made of reinforced concrete diaphragms and non-load-bearing walls made of plasterboard and ACC. The openings will be closed with thermal insulating glass, with aluminium joinery. The finished floor will be made of non-slip, anti-static bacteriostatic PVC carpet, applied on a 5cm cement screed with certifications for use in a hospital environment.
The PVC carpet will also be attached to the walls, up to a height of 150 cm, above which a sanitary certified latex type paint will be applied. Continuous false ceilings will be applied everywhere (except in the installation access corridors), with latex paint. A 40 cm wide strip of plywood with both faces laminated and ABS edges will be applied on the walls of the corridors, patient rooms and treatment and consultation areas, from a height of 80 cm upwards, in order to protect the walls when traveling with a stretcher.The interior doors are metal, sanitary certified. Towards the exterior, additional thermal insulation will be applied on the existing construction and a decorative plaster will be applied over the thermal system for the proposed building. An inaccessible terrace will be built over the 2nd floor and the ground floor, and an accessible terrace will also be partially built over the 1st floor.
For the expansion of the existing buildings, Body C2, building with ground floor height regime (P), foundation concreting (sub-concreting) works will be performed at the existing foundations, up to a foundation depth similar to that of the foundations of the connection passage with body A (-1.95 compared to the level of the finished floor). The frame will be rebuilt in the area of the connecting pediment.
The connecting passage between body C2 and body A will be independent of the existing C2 construction, and constructed entirely on a metal structure.
All installation, electrical, thermal, HVAC, low current, etc. works will be carried out in compliance with the legislation and norms and specifications in force regarding the medical field and of the national and European health system.