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CONSTRUCTIM's main activity takes place on building sites from country and abroad. Another important activity is the industrial production of building materials and ballast - pit aggregates.

CONSTUCTIM also offers a various services package: hiring of commercial places and technical equipment, laboratory tests, design, assessment and consulting in constructions, intermediates for working abroad.

:: Constructions ::
CONSTRUCTIM carries out construction - mounting works, civil, industrial, socio - cultural, public utility, hygiene works, repairing, modernization, interior arrangements, restoration of historical monuments, both in Romania and abroad.

:: Production ::
CONSTRUCTIM owns production sites in Timisoara and Buzias with concrete stations, key - stone factory and BAMA installation to produce concrete tubes for the sewer system.

Here are produced and sold:
  • wet concrete of various types: C2.8/3.5, C4/5, C6/7S, CS/10, C12/1S, C16/2Q, C18/22,5, C20/25, C25/30
  • wet mortar and auger-bits: M4, M100
  • key-stones (brick substitutes ) produced by a modern technology (imported from France) of the dimensions: 10x20x50cm, 20x20x50cm, 25x20x50cm
  • concrete pipes with tenon and flange for sewerage with diameters of 250, 300, 400, 800 mm
Besides this CONSTRUCTIM owns ballast-pits which extract, clean and sort mineral aggregates on the Timis River, at Lugoj and Buzias-Hitias. There are produced and sold sorted and cleaned aggregates: sort 0-3, 3-7, 7-15 mm, unsorted ballast.

:: Services ::
  • Hiring equipment for building activities.
  • Construction design, real estates transactions and development.

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